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The first greenhouse I bought was this one which is actually sold for school classrooms. It’s super cute and very easy to assemble. However, it did not protect my plants from an unexpected plunge to the high 20s one night.

Educational Insights Greenthumb Greenhouse

Because I was adding quite a few larger plants, I searched for something more substantial for my patio. When I saw this small greenhouse and read the description I was sold and even happier when I found it at double the price at Sears. The problem came at assembly when two parts didn’t fit together. And, the dimensions shown are overstated by six inches in height, width, and length. It does make a difference in how much this greenhouse is able to hold.

Strong Camel Greenhouse

Despite the negatives, I was able to do a workaround for the assembly and my plants did very well when the temperatures went into the low 30s because the greenhouse material is very good quality. The thermometer inside the greenhouse shows a temperature 5 to 10 degrees higher than outside temperatures when the door is not zipped. I’m pleased and hopefully this will solve the problem of growing tropicals in Zone 9.

For now, I am keeping the smaller greenhouse inside the larger one. I removed the second shelf from the smaller greenhouse and it easily holds 8 to 10 plants in gallon pots.

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